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Export of
new and used pianos

Toyo Piano, as a comprehensive piano company, has a wide range of high quality pianos,
both new and used, that can be exported, and we have satisfied customers all over the world. world map

Piano Sales Four key points

Piano Sales three key points

High quality at low cost

The quality and price have been made possible by a history of over 70 years in Japan, one of the world’s leading piano producing countries. This has also been proven in surveys with questionnaire data.

Proposals tailored to individual customers

For example, we can ship new pianos and used pianos in a mixed shipment, or ship single pianos or pianos by air if you are in a hurry.

Save even more with partner and dealer agreements!

If you sign an partnership agreement with us, you can save even more money on certain products, and we will give priority to rare and high-value pianos!




New Piano

  • business partners

    We are engaged in the export of new pianos, including our own original brand TOYO (Japanese name: APOLLO). In particular, the SSS series, which is an upright piano with expressive power and continuous playability similar to a grand piano, has been providing surprise and joy to customers around the world. Depending on the availability of stock and other factors, it may be possible to export new and used pianos from other manufacturers in a mixed shipment. Of course, it is also possible to export used pianos in a mixed shipment.

Click here to see the lineup of our original brand TOYO pianos.

TOYO Piano
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For the latest information on new piano inventory, prices, and delivery dates, click here to inquire.

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Used Piano

  • business partners

    We handle not only our own high-quality used pianos, but also a wide range of used pianos made by industry leaders such as YAMAHA, KAWAI, and electronic pianos. We also offer high-quality used pianos (reconditioned) that have undergone reconditioning work (using our advanced technology) and used pianos in rough condition at affordable prices, etc., according to your needs. We are also able to offer a wide range of solutions to suit your needs, such as shipping pianos together with new pianos if you wish, which is one of our strengths as a comprehensive company.

e.g. Reconditioned piano sample

Used piano A-30 overall picture

[Used piano reconditioned] Apollo A-30 made in 1976

[Used piano reconditioned] Apollo SR-580 made in 1981

Used piano RU-388W overall picture

[Used piano, reconditioned] Apollo RU-388W made in 1989

Used piano KTY-132PR overall picture

[Used piano reconditioned] Apollo KTY-132PR made in 1999

Used piano GB1K overall picture

[Used piano reconditioned] Yamaha GB1K made in 2013

Used piano W101 overall picture

[Used piano reconditioned] Yamaha W101, made in 1976

Used piano W103B overall picture

[Used piano reconditioned] Yamaha W103B made in 1981

Used piano W106B overall picture

[Used piano reconditioned] Yamaha W106B, made in 1983

Latest information on used pianos.

Reconditioned Pianos We introduce factories


For current used pianos in stock, price, delivery date, etc. Please click here to inquire about the current Reconditioned piano sample, price, delivery date, etc.

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Steps of our service

STEP1Inquiry from customers
STEP2Reply / Contact from TOYO
STEP3Discuss in details about customers’ preference and dealing condition
STEP4Conclude contract
STEP5Prepare for shipment by TOYO
STEP6Goods shipment

Achieved over 90% customer satisfaction!

Achieved over 90% customer satisfaction!

How did you feel when you saw the actual exterior of the piano?

“Very clean”
“clean” were the answers.
Respondents who answered that the exterior of the piano was very clean or clean after repair: 92%.%

How was the actual tone and touch of the piano?

“very good”
“good” were the answers.
Respondents who answered that the tone and touch of the piano is very good or good after repair: 92%.

*This survey was conducted on customers who sold pianos directly from our directly managed piano select stores. The period covered is pianos shipped from our company during the one-year period from April 2020 to March 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions about Export

Which countries do you trade mainly?

Most of our business partners and customers are located in Asia – such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore.
In addition, we have important customers in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany.
We also have long-relationshiped clients over the world. Please feel free to contact us.

I am considering purchasing a used piano. Is it repaired one?

Depending on the customer’s request, we can provide both conditioned pianos – unrepaired pianos or repaired ones. We have a repairing-factory in Vietnam, and we can repair your pianos at a reasonable price with higher quality.
It is also possible to leave your piano with us and have it repaired. Please see the repair page for details.

I’m considering importing a piano. What kind of brands do you deal with?

First of all, our new pianos are branded as “Toyo Piano” (Japanese brand: “APOLLO”) mainly. But there might be available to supply with other brands occationally. Please contact us for details if you request it.
Regarding used pianos, we are dealing with major Japanese brands such as Apollo, Yamaha, and Kawai. But of course we have many experience to export other brands to reply to customers’ requests as well. For more information, please contact us using the inquiry form.

What is the meaning of SSS and its particular features?

Our SSS-series upright piano’s special and unique structure realized the rich expressiveness and touch that is just as close as possible to the grand piano’s one.
Very different from other upright pianos, the key touch is almost same in case with the soft pedal in use or not.
Also at using a soft pedal, it is possible to express a slight tonal intensity by sliding the action and keys sideways in the same way as a grand piano.
In addition, the maximum number of strokes per second is recorded 13 times, regardless if the soft pedal is used or not.
This level is comparable to that of a grand piano. In response to the question “Which is better to play at playing fast pieces?”, many players answered “SSS action”.
For details, please check the details from the URL below.

Introduction to the Factories


We are pleased to introduce our Japan headquarters factory and Vietnam factory.

For General Customers


Thank you for your interest in TOYO Piano’s services. If you are a general customer, please read here.