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For piano repair, please contact Toyo Piano.

Toyo Piano is a group of piano technology professionals that has been engaged in various piano-related businesses for about 75 years (*1). Toyo Piano is a group of piano technology professionals that has been involved in various piano-related businesses for approximately 75 years. Please leave your piano matters to our piano professionals.
(*1) Total of all businesses related to pianos

Why Toyo Piano?

Why Toyo Piano?

That is why piano repair by Toyo Piano is chosen!
Recommendations for Toyo Piano.


Extensive repair record of nearly 100 units per month

We have solid skills and experience in reviving a wide variety of brand and condition pianos! We can repair most pianos, not only those of famous manufacturers such as Yamaha and Kawai, as well as Steinway and so on.


Reasonable pricing

In addition to our main factory in Japan, we also have our subsidiary factory in Vietnam. We can offer very reasonable prices to corporations that order a large number of units in bulk.


Plans and options to suit your piano

A variety of additional work can be performed, such as installing soft close unit, repainting to special colors, adding text, etc.


Achieved over 90% customer satisfaction!

Achieved over 90% customer satisfaction!
*Results of a survey of end-users (general customers).

How did you feel when you saw the exterior of the piano after the repair?

“Very clean 83%”
“clean 17%”
were the answers.
Respondents who answered that the exterior of the piano was very clean or clean after repair: 100%.

How was the tone and touch of the piano after repair?

“very good 42%”
“good 50%”
“usually 8%”
were the answers.
Respondents who answered that the tone and touch of the piano is very good or good after repair: 92%.

To Corporate Customers for Business


Founded in 1948 as a small piano manufacturer, we, TOYO Piano, have developed and expanded the business to specialize in piano produce and also piano-related products. We have continued to grow as a “comprehensive piano company” that handles a variety of piano businesses, with our reliable craftsmanship relayed over 75 years. In addition to manufacturing pianos, we have also provided our skill to repaire and renew many pianos incl. other brands. On top of our craftsmanship pride, we are confident that we can offer the high level of technical skill on your customers piano repair. If we simply focus on the quality level of piano-repair, our skillful repairing support has limitation only for our individual customers who want to repair their own pianos having loved for many years. However, our mission is to supply as many as repaired-pianos with our high skill but also at reasonable price level, and then to expand our business with our existing/potential business partners over the world.

  • Established TOYO factory in Vietnam
  • Standardization of work and adoption by a centralized management system
  • Increase orders of container-base shipments (large number of units)
  • Container vanning and devanning work by TOYO staff

As a result of these efforts to reduce costs and gain competitiveness through various ways, we have now received positive feedback from corporate business customers in many countries. Today we receive a lot of offer of work from various level of customers. We can provide our high repairing skill to meet customer’s requests. Of course we can DO for your important customers as well, even if it is large quantities. Please check if our service satisfies you.

Set Repair Menu

Main Repair Plans

A Overhaul

Pianos we can handle

Pianos that have been manufactured for 40 years or more, pianos whose color needs to be changed, etc. Main repair work (internal) Replacement of all major parts of the piano related to sound and touch, such as pins, strings, and hammers, Tuning (tuning) to correct pitch, tone, and touch, (tuning), adjusting the tone and touch properly and replacing parts as necessary (tuning + parts replacement), and refining the tone (sound tuning), In addition, we clean the inside of the instrument, which is usually inaccessible.

Major repairs (exterior)

Repaint any noticeable flaws or dents and polish with tools.and polish them with tools.

B Paint repair + Internal alignment and cleaning

Target Pianos

Pianos that have been manufactured for 20 to 40 years, pianos that need to have their color changed, etc.

Main repair work (internal)

Adjusting the pitch (tuning), aligning the tone and touch to the proper level, and replacing parts as necessary (tuning + parts replacement),(tuning + replacement of parts), and voicing improvement (sound conditioning), In addition, we clean the inside of the instrument, which is usually inaccessible.

Major repair work (external)

After repairing the scratches and dents that are noticeable (cosmetic work), the entire instrument is polished with specialized tools.This will restore the luster to the painted surface and metal surfaces such as pedals and hinges.

C Light Plan

Target Pianos

Pianos that are 5 to 30 years old after manufacture, etc.

Major repair work (internal)

Tuning (tuning) and refining the tone quality (sound conditioning), In addition, we clean the inside of the piano, which is usually inaccessible.

Major repair work (external)

The entire surface is polished with specialized tools. This restores the luster to the painted surfaces and metal surfaces such as pedals and hinges.

Orders from Corporate customers


As an example, we have the following order example

customers customers customers

※Those are just an example of orders on a container base. We also accept a LCL or small number of piano-repair. Just feel free to contact us.

Steps of our service

STEP1Contact us
First of all, please contact us by filling in our inquiry form or phone, and let us know about your request – your living area, models and numbers of repairing pianos, and your requests, etc.
STEP2Decision of Repair Plan & Other Terms
Our staff will suggest several options about shipments, repair-plan, schedule, and other conditions based on your request.
STEP3Issue of Proforma Invoice
We issue the proforma invoice conforming to the agreement.
STEP4Shipment of pianos from customers
Based on terms & conditions agreed, the shipment is arranged.
STEP5Inspection of Piano at Factory arrival
All pianos are carefully inspected upon arrival at the factory.If we regard additional work seems needed, our staff will contact you to explain the process with photos and estimated costs, and confirm your wishes.
STEP6Repair at Factory
Repair your pianos.
STEP7Final Check before Ex-factory
Once all repairs have been completed, we will conduct a final inspection before shipping.
STEP8Issue Invoice
We confirm the repairing details and prices to have agreed in advance, and issue an invoice.
STEP9Booking for Shipment
We make packaging, booking, shipping documents, and vanning into a container according to the shipping schedule.
STEP10Receipt of Payment & Submit Shipping Documents
After the confirmation of payment, the shipping documents are handed over.(*Regarding the option on payment condition, ask our staff in advance.)
STEP11Delivery of Pianos
Delivery of the repaired piano will be carried out under the terms agreed upon at SETP2.

Frequently Asked Questions about Repair

What is the payment condition ?

Our basic payment terms for Repair-contract are the Advance Payment. At the completion of repairing work, we issue the invoice and pianos will be return-shipped when the customer’s payment is confirmed.
If you would like other payment terms, please contact us separately.

I’m looking for a repairing workshop of my electronic piano. Can you repair an electronic piano?

Unfortunately, we do not repair digital pianos, since we specialize in acoustic pianos.

I would like to know the detailed work process.

Regarding the overhaul procedure, please refer to the page below which introduces the process with photos.
Please note that the work process on this page is an example and it depends on the model and condition of the piano.
Typical work content for other courses is listed on our website, but if you would like more information, please contact us.
If there are many requests for work processes for courses other than overhaul, we will consider posting them on the website one by one.

There is a very old and rare piano. I was refused for repairing work by other companies. Is it possible to repair at TOYO Piano?

It will be repaired in most cases.
We have enough and various experience in repairing pianos as well, since we have been involving in repairing work over 100 pianos per month.
If it’s been around 50 years since manufacture, it can generally be repaired except the worse condition. We also have an experience of repairing pianos that were manufactured 100 years ago. Even if it is a rare model, we can handle most cases. Please try to contact us first.

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Introduction to the Factories


We are pleased to introduce our Japan headquarters factory and Vietnam factory.

For General Customers


Thank you for your interest in TOYO Piano’s services. If you are a general customer, please read here.